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hotcake5's Journal

Jesi Carroll

My name is Jesi.
I like my friends, granola, tattoos, piercings, unicorns, tumblr, mermaids, books, thrift stores, cafes, Harry Potter, tea, movies, haircuts, photography, fashion, sewing, cats, tom cruise/tim kris, whole milk, being little, my cat George-Michael, Arrested Development, cooking, baking, becoming baked, and ace ventura pet detective. I enjoy nothing more, and nothing less.
I have only been impressed twice in my life: Once, when I was born, and the second time when I realized how awesome I am.
I currently live in Savannah, GA where I am a photography major and attend Savannah College of Arts and Crafts, and otherwise my roots are in a forest in Connecticut.

Tumbl @ me: ciel-vide
or blog: on hiatus until I start caring again

Thank you.